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March 05
TBCA PAC is submitting
a package of bills that together will achieve the goal of meeting 20% of Texas' electricity needs from renewable energy
and energy efficiency by 2020.
Read a summary of our billsand and follow our progress.


Head on over to Giving Assistant now to start donating 3-30% of every purchase to helping us make clean air in Tx while you shop online at places like Hobby Lobby, Michaels, and Office Depot.

Texas is poised
to seize the opportunity of our lifetime: to be the leader in the clean energy economy of the globalized 21st century; to attract texashigh-quality jobs that take advantage of our skilled workforce and the resources at our extraordinary universities; to clear the air in our cities, create a healthier environment for Texas families, and reduce the health costs of dirty air; to help Texas businesses reduce energy waste through efficiency, making them more competitive in a world market; and to help Texas homeowners lower their utility bills.

Texas Business for Clean Air Political Action Committee (TBCA PAC) is a group of Texas business leaders who support a package of policies to help Texas seize this opportunity at this unique point in time.

On this website you can follow the progress of our bills in the 81st Legislature and voice your public support for this agenda. Help us demonstrate broad support of Texas business leaders for policies that will propel Texas into leadership in the emerging clean energy economy and maintain its status as a world energy powerhouse.

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